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What is Idea Gym?

We are self-help junkies, turned entrepreneurs, turned podcasters. Our journey taught us how challenging it is to turn knowledge into action. Now we're on a mission to show people simpler, better ways to take action on their dreams without sacrificing the things that matter most.

Any idea can produce results in a perfect world. We want to know how to make them work in real life (with full-time jobs, families, side hustles, 1,000,000 To Dos). We test our favorite ideas in OUR busy lives in order to give you advice on how to make it work in the real world - your real world.

We're here to help you turn motivation into momentum through simple daily actions.



Along with his commitment to the Idea Gym Podcast, Jeff works full-time as a local business owner, entrepreneur, and family man.


Outside of work, Jeff enjoys writing and illustrating children's books, reading to his kids, and running (mostly on trails). He has completed 10 marathons and many other relay and obstacle races.


When Sheldon isn't working on the Idea Gym Podcast, he is working full-time as a marketing specialist or spending time with his family.


He loves HIIT workouts, plays ultimate frisbee regularly with a local league, and attends the Utah board game convention every year (legacy co-op games are his favorite).


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