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#34 : Getting the Results You Want - Deep Dive Part 2

Nov 05, 2020

Your mind (and life) is like a garden. And just like any patch of good soil, things WILL grow.

You have the choice to let it run wild with whatever seeds blow in, or you can select which things you’ll plant and nurture to grow.

This is a truth everyone must learn in order to take control of their life and realize that they are agents unto themselves. Life's not fair and some people start with more rocks and thistles whether from conditioning,  upbringing, circumstances, or genetics. But the fact remains, that each of us has the power (even if our field is strewn with boulders and thistles) to clear it out and plant what we choose.

Sometimes that means putting in the sustained effort required to have a large, fruitful garden.

Sometimes that means learning which plants are useful and which ones are secretly destroying the garden.

Often it means asking for help from others who have more experience or have been trained on how to get rid of particularly poisonous plants.

But the choice is always yours to do with your garden as you wish.

You get to decide to look for/ask for help. It's your job to be humble, to ask questions, to figure out what you want, and then work to take steps to move toward it. The journey is different for everyone. But there's always a way to make it better.

Ask God or the universe. Ask family and friends. Read books. Take classes. Find mentors and specialists. There are countless gardeners out there who have experience and expertise in the areas you most need help. 

Start today. Take that next small step of action toward whatever it is you want (or need) help with in your life.

In the Deep Dive Part. 2 we discuss how what we put into our mind affects our thoughts, perceptions, attitudes, and habits. And how those affect our actions which determine our outcomes and creates our future circumstances.

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