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#33: The Deep Dive - Simple Habit to Turn Knowledge Into Wisdom

Oct 12, 2020

This one simple habit helped me grow my income 5X and turn my dreams into reality. Listen close for the shortcut so you won't have to take extra time from your day.

Several years ago I was working at a corporate job, attending the university part-time, involved in a financial planning group, and had recently started a family.  My plate was pretty full, or at least it felt full to me. My number one goal was to be financially free so my wife could be a stay-at-home Mom, like she wanted, and I wouldn't be tied to 9-5 working on someone else's dreams. 

You could imagine my frustration being on the super-duper slow train to my goals. I kept telling myself I was doing all the right stuff, I just needed to be patient. That's when I discovered the personal development world (Think and Grow Rich, Rich Dad Poor Dad, As a Man Thinketh, Man’s Search for Meaning, etc.) and I WAS HOOKED! It was like everyone one of these guys was reading my mind. It felt like I found my tribe and they had a different, better way of looking at the world. I read and listened to everything I could get my hands on—this was before iPhones, Kindle and Audible. I had to use CDs and read paper. What!?!

Even with all the amazing ideas I was collecting, my life continued at about the same pace.  Then one day a guest speaker, Bob Proctor came to our company and issued a challenge. He invited us to write out the last chapter of As a Man Thinkethevery night for 30 days. I accepted the challenge. I committed to writing it out every night for 30 day. I loved it and continued doing it for more than 2 years. It was this first "Deep Dive" which unlocked "the secret" inside of me leading to a  greater belief in my ability to build better habits in my life. 

Soon after I leveled up at my job which liberated my wife from her job. Then I chose a different path. I left the university and started a business on the side. Within 24 months of leaving school I increased my income 5x which allowed us to move into our first home. About a year later I quit my corporate job and became a full-time owner and entrepreneur.

I tell you this to demonstrate how changing one simple habit in my life had a major compound effect of positive results. It can do the same for you.

Here's the best part...Youtube, Spotify and Audible have made it easy to shortcut this action into your existing routine. No need to take extra time each day! You can listen while you drive, while you exercise, while you do dishes, etc.


  • One audio for 30 days to tackle your day and demolish your goals.
  • What is the Deep Dive?
  • Turn motivation into momentum 
  • Curing the Motivation Junkie


  • Select one audio or video resource to listen to—15-30 minutes is recommended. Shortcut Tip: listen at 1.5 to 2x speed.
  • Find uninterrupted time during your day. Shortcut Tip: During exercise, commuting, doing dishes, etc.
  • Pick one daily action step towards your highest priority goal for the month.
  • Download the FREE 30 Day Action Calendar from our website, print it out and hang it somewhere you will see every day.
  • Mark the calendar with an X for every day you complete the task or an O for every day you don’t. If you miss a day, do it the next day. At the end of the month count how many days you hit and missed, then work to improve the following month.



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We can't wait to hear about your progress from the Deep Dive. Connect with us on social and share your inspiring audio and the impact of this method

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