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#28:Transform Conflict into Teamwork - Jonathan Miller

Aug 11, 2020

Everyone has conflict. It's an inevitable part of life. Most people avoid conflict all costs. A few use it to intimidate and manipulate others. There is a healthier, happier choice when it comes to conflict. Learn how you can transform conflict into creative solutions with our guest Jonathan Miller. Jonathan is a leadership coach and “conflict transformation specialist.” (Yes, you’ll have to listen to the show to really know what that means)


  • Conflict is a natural and normal part of life. Relationship conflicts are an inevitable phenomenon of life. And most of us do a lot to avoid this thing. But that’s not very helpful nor conducive to growth.
  • Conflict CAN BE the catalyst to new, amazing, creative solutions.
  • Partnership Mindset - How can we work together to solve the problem that’s getting in Our way.
  • Moving from “Me vs You” to “Us vs The Problem”
  • Self-talk is critical to curb doubts and fears that keep us from action and growth 
  • All growth and success come from getting out of our comfort zone.

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